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June 20, 2008

Rescue me, and my skin!!

This whole week is really a nightmare for me!! I've never had a skin dehydration before but I think I'm facing it right now... Well, for sure my skin is not genetically dry because it is combination - and I thought I would be happier if I need not use oil blotting paper...but when it dehydrates, I feel sadder than ever.

I've been thinking of the reasons that caused my face to become so dry until I can see some peeling. I drink enough water everyday, I had fruits for the past few days as usual, I didn't change my cleanser, I didn't even know what's gone wrong!! I felt itchy on my forehead and my cheeks since days ago, and I thought I had an allergy to seafood. But 2 days later I noticed some sign of dehydration started to attack on my face. OMG, so that's the reason - dehydrate -> dry -> itchy!

So I started to double up my skin care routine, hoping that the dryness will go away very VERY VERY SOON!!!

See? I've tried with whatever I have!!

Now I don't care about puffy face temporarily. I want more hydration and moisturization....help~

But luckily, the masks did work. My face doesn't feel so tighten after 15 minutes of mask application. I should have thanked myself for standing by soooo many lotions and masks, which means a lot of $$$ have flown away~ That's why, beauty needs $$$ to sustain, unless one is born with flawless skin.


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