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June 21, 2008

Occult science - the mystical influence

Tadaaa! My dad's homepage is finally up. I'm pretty sure his page is far more professional than mine because he's writing about occult science & fengshui. Take some time to read through, you might find many useful tips on how to enhance your daily life from the prospective of fengshui. You can find the link from Blogs I read at my sidebar - Feng Shui & Occult Science or visit the link http://www.pzafengshui.com/.

Just to share my personal experiences, occult science really plays a mystical role in one's life. Many people say, "Aiya, I don't believe in such things. These are all craps!" Ok then, so why do you wear crystal bracelets; and why do you secretly give a peep at your palm when you hear people talk about which palm lines indicate your life, luck & career; and why do you read through your daily horoscopes in magazine and newspaper? Hahah...so that's it. Almost everyone has interest in occult science, it would be either astrology, numerology, i-ching, fengshui, palmistry, face reading or tarot card reading that you are interested in.

I've been practising numerology in daily life since erm....7 years old??....if I'm not mistaken. I still remember that the first time that I participated in my school's "Chinese General Knowledge Contest", I did actually beaten off the all-time-champion in my school...simply by waiting for the right turn to hand in the test paper. Amazing right??!! I couldn't believe it when our principal announced my name as the champion for that contest during assembly.

Numerology - obviously it's about NUMBERS, and how it can influence your life. Numerology is very powerful and I believe that most Indians has a strong believe towards numerology. I have quite a lot of Indian friends and whenever we share our thoughts on numerology, we are so excited over it. Every number represents something, if not, why does Chinese like number 8 so much? The reason behind? Despite of the pronounciation "fatt", number 8 is like a neverending loop, which means whatever is good will continue to be good (but whatever bad will be bad too lol...), makes sense right?

So in numerology, number 8 doesn't mean everything is good. However everything in nature has its adversary, so by wearing the right gems you can enhance the good 'qi' around you to eliminate or balance the bad 'qi' that agitates you. That's why people are wearing crystal or gem stones. But it is very important that not to blindly follow and wear whatever other people is wearing because what is good for him/her doesn't mean it suits you well too. If you wear the wrong crystal/gemstone, you might further enhance the bad 'qi' and ended up in a worse situation than before.
Windchime with mystical knots

Colour is also giving much influence in your daily life, that's why we believe that there are so called 'lucky colour' or 'unlucky colour'. Numerology will tell you which colours suit you and which colours don't. It is all very personal, for instance, me, I should try to avoid red and wear more bluish and greenish apparels. Why? It's too complicated to explain here. I remember reading some articles before, number is related to the mystical force of the planets... Dad told me stories on numerology, astrology and horoscopes when I was still a small kid. I can't really remember everything by heart but still I have some idea on those. Honestly, I can't believe that 'she' (the famous fengshui master) said she doesn't believe in numerology! Come on, occult science is a big family, and if she doesn't believe in numerology, why does she practise flying star fengshui?? Just like engineering, every stream of engineering is related. If you think civil engineering is enough for all, then why do you need M&E engineering to complete a construction project?

Hong Kong skyline - city which the construction is based on fengshui

Just like the Chinese sayings, "一命,二运, 三风水" (Fate, Luck & Fengshui) - if your fate is not good, you have to depend on your luck; if your luck is not good as well, then you need fengshui to boost the good energy around you. Many people think that fengshui is complicated; in fact it is very simple. Fengshui is the art of placement, in order to harmonize your surrounding, eliminate the bad 'qi' and boost the good 'qi'. Hahahha....I learn this from my daddy. If you're interested, you can get him for consultancy. Good fengshui means everything is in harmony, so if you feel that disputation is haunting you, it means something must be wrong somewhere around you. Might be wrong use of colour, wrong placement, wrong number, etc....

Any comment?? I hope there is somebody out there shares the same interest in occult science as I do, then we can share thoughts. Just remember - whenever there is a will, there is always a way. So do not give up and blame your fate, if everything doesn't work, you can still try it the occult way~ The bottomline, never harm anyone around you.



Great post! I find that it is extremely true. I'm a Tarot Card reader myself. Most poeple scoff at what I do when they don't realise to what extent their lives are centered around the supernatural. As a matter of fact, I am slowly learning to develop my empathic and spiritual attunness ability.

Great post !!!!


Hmmm about the colour thing. You may be interested to read up about this thing called Aura Soma which is also labelled as "colour therapy" though...I wouldn't call it a form of "therapy".

Hi Cyren! Great to hear some replies. =) Actually beside Tarot Card, there's this spread of cards called I-ching Tarot. I find it even easier to master compared to the normal Tarot.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. I'll certainly read through the Aura Soma. Only know a bit about aura right now.

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