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June 26, 2008

It's not just about Kimchi

I hated Kimchi so much when we travelled to Korea. Breakfast Kimchi, lunch Kimchi, dinner Kimchi....even on the plane also they served Kimchi!! Day Kimchi, night Kimchi, and then I was wondering...can a Korean survive without Kimchi???

Alright, we all admit that Kimchi is very healthy, and the variety is like WOW!! Are you sure you can finish all these??

Ok, the photo above was not taken during my trip in Korea. It's actually what we had during the celebration of our seonsaengnim's (teacher) birthday. The meal that we had in Korea was this... This dinner set was treated by the Professors in Yonsei University in the uni in-house restaurant.

Bulgogi (BBQ Beef) with Kimchi and K'ongnamul Kkuk (Beansprout soup)

And then typical meal in local restaurant...

Shin ramyun (Spicy noodle) with Kimchi and kyeran (egg)

And my favourite...also the must-eat if you go to Korea!!

Sam-kye-tang (Ginseng chicken)

Starting to drool already?? Heheheh....there are more.... Well, this is one kind of traditional cuisine that we had in Taejon. Dinner was treated by the Professors after our visit to the uni. The restaurant is very far away from the town. The journey took about 30 minutes to reach this place.

Salad and Kimchi

We really liked the food very much, especially the Korean "pizza" (I cannot remember what is it called). It tasted similar to our fried oyster but the texture is more chewy....I just lurve it!

And also this...ginseng duck!! According to the Koreans, it is quite difficult for us to find these dishes if we eat in town. It's quite true, cause we usually can find only ginseng chicken. This ginseng duck is not only delicious but very nutricious too....see, how many ginseng they used in that pot of soup.

Ok, back to the Kimchi thing. I said I hated it right. But after coming back from Korea, I started to fall in love with Kimchi after eating another few Korean meals in Malaysia. No wonder my friend told me, at first you'll hate it, but ended up you'll love it. Hahhaha... I think so, and I am so crazy over Kimchi now, and I even tried to make it on my own....

But I failed lol... It looks good, but the taste was...erm....

Well, I think that's about all the main courses we had in Korea. Still there are snacks and junk food which I think I'll post next time. Aaww...I miss the food!!! Looking forward to go there again. Next time I'll make sure I have enough of Kimchi and Bulgogi.


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