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June 14, 2008

I'm bAcK...to bloGGIng!!!

HeYa!! Princess is finally back to her blogging world. Actually I've been quite some time away from writting...these days were really quite heavy due to issues at work. Hmm...engineering job ain't easy, and I can say that almost everyday I only have ~15-20 minutes to see the sunlight, and maybe nearly 1 hour if I have lunch outside of the site. This is not how my life should go on -- hey I'm a travel freak, and I love blogging about going places, having funtime with my buddies and eating...or at least talking about music, fashion and movies.

Life has changed much since then when I started my working life. Instead of "MONEY no enough" I should say I "MASA no enough" lah! Even when I go for a short holiday in KL I still have to worry about the production stuff....aRrRgGhHHhh!!! And 2 hours ago I just received another call from the production line regarding URGENT lots for shipment again. Does this indicate that I'm job secured?? Since life is busy and it seems that I do not have enough time to take care of my long hair, I had it trimmed 6-7 inches away... *oUch!! It hurts me so...for 3 years I have never cut my hair more than 2 inches*

Long hair vs short hair

Though I love to keep long hair, but still I must admit that short hair does make me look fresher (not during bad hair days) and younger. Now it has grown 2 inch longer, and I think my hair really grows fast. So, very soon I'll be back like this...

Hahahha....I do like her much!!

By that time, I will be fleeing on the sandy beaches of Phuket with my favourite straw hat, sipping coconut water and photo whoring. Yes, life without travel will kill me, certainly will! I envy Nicole & Kenny Sia (ma fav bloggers) so much that they could actually gain much travelling (some even FOC) after becoming a blogger!! That inspires me though! Should I become like them one day?

...so...yesterday, I decided to sign up as a Nuffnang blogger, and see if I could earn something from there. No harm to try mar...I guess I'll gain some $$ if my blog attracts some readers. But the problem is...I still cannot find the way to add the Nuffnang Ads on my page!! Can anyone help me?? Anyway, I have the motivation to move on with my interest now. Hehehe...


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