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June 16, 2008

Falling in love with Million Star Gang ** 爱上星光帮**

I never felt like being so outdated on reality shows like AMERICAN IDOL...until last Saturday, when I watched One Million Star with my cousin sis at her house. It is already the 3rd Season yet I just get to know all the great vocalists who can sing like a star!! I mean, I know who is Aska Yang (杨宗纬), Judy Chou (周定緯), Afalean Lu (盧學叡) and Jam (萧敬藤) as they are today. Good singers of course, but I know nothing about how they actually gone through the tough contest in years back.

We spent the whole afternoon watching all the clips and how the "eliminators" challenged the contestants in the PK Contest when they got into their Top 10. I wonder if AMERICAN IDOL were to organize their contest like this, the world wide viewing ratio should be higher?? Instead of only having the Davids to compete each other striving to maintain at the Top 3, and the Davids fans "battling" each other in the comment columns of AI website, if there were somebody else who are really of the same level to PK them during their Top 10 performances, maybe something similar to Aska Yang vs. Jam would happened....I just could imagine so....

Anyway, the Million Star Gang is really marvelous!! Don't even compare them with our Malaysian Superstar Project contestants....their skills are about a million miles away better than our singers. OMG!! I can't even find much slight defect on their performance, they're just about that professional like the AI contestants. I am always crazy for music, and I really am falling in love with their performances. It seems that every season there will be a few contestants that sing their own creation of songs yet still they can make it through the Top 10. I envy so much of their talent...if only I had the chance to learn musical instruments when I was small, I would definitely go for competition like this...but most probably will be kicked out before even make it to the Top 1000?? Aiya, just for fun - syok sendiri mar!! =P

For sure it's daydreaming lol, cuz I had a few friends who competed in the Astro Talent Quest and also Superstar Project in the previous years but they didn't make it to the finals. I was quite disappointed because they were the "popular stars" during our school days or uni days, and they were the ones who were requested by all to perform whenever we have functions, big or small. But when they participated in the contests, however, they lost... That made me salute more to the winners of such singing contests because they are really great...only sometimes the quality are a bit 'distorted' from how it should be, but still I think they really put a lot of effort in achieving dreams.

For One Million Star Season 3, I do have a few favourite contestants in my mind, and I really wish they will be the Top 5: Lala 徐佳莹, 黎础宁, 简凤君, 林芯仪 and 赖圣恩. Still within the Top 12, but not sure whether they can maintain to be among the top when the PK contest comes in... Love 徐佳莹 so much on songs she composed, simple and easy listening. I'm sure many people like her too, and her chubby cutie face does make her looks lovely. In the Top 12 performance week, the seniors from Million Star Gang Season 2 came back to help them in the duet contest, and only then I noticed Rachel 梁文音, 黄美珍, 叶玮庭 and 曾沛慈. They did helped a lot in the secret training to sing duet with current season's Top 12, and I love "她在睡前哭泣" duet by 梁文音 and 徐佳莹, and "跟着感觉走" by 林芯仪 and 黄美珍, just couldn't help repeating the clip I downloaded yesterday!! Yea, I'm still repeating now while typing my blog. Hahahah...it seems that I'm bias towards 徐佳莹 and 林芯仪 already, just like how I like David Cook and David Archuleta during the AI contest.

Visit this if you know chinese.... http://blog.yam.com/millionstar/

Now the performance has reached the Top 8, I guess so...but still I don't have the time to watch it yet...gosh, tomorrow I will need to download the latest episode lol. Hmm...since then, nite nite!~ Wish I have a starry starry dream tonight.


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