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June 29, 2008

Fried eggs to predict your luck??!

Sounds ridiculous huh? But I read this in a book during last weekend. According to the author, this prediction method is originated from the olden days in Europe. It is actually a very simple step to predict one's daily luck by analyzing on the shape of the fried egg. Why fried egg? Maybe the Europeans used to eat toast bread, sausages and fried egg for breakfast...

Well, you can also do your own prediction in the morning, all you need to do is open the refrigerator, get an egg, heat your frying pan and fry it!

So how does the analysis go? Read this:

(1) Egg yolk at the center -- Congratulations! You have good luck, good health and a very active and motivational day! Keep it up.

(2) Egg yolk at the lower side -- You might be lucky today but watch out for relation conflict.

(3) Egg yolk at the upper side -- Today is a bit messy, and you need to watch out for your health; and if the egg white has a lot of bubbles too, you may face failure in what you are going to do today.

(4) Egg yolk on the right -- Challenges awaiting! But you may face some sudden obstacles; if some part of the egg yolk is burnt, watch out for injury.

(5) Egg yolk on the left -- Today your mental and health luck is not very good, you may feel depressed. But tomorrow will be another great day!

(6) Egg white is out of shape and full of bubbles -- Today you face obstacles in everything you do, so avoid doing too many things at one time. Concentrate on just one thing will do, but you might get a little help from somebody, and things might go well too..

See? It's just so simple. You can do that when preparing for your breakfast. Believe it or not? Somehow I will try it tomorrow... Eggss...I juz lurve it!~ There's so much more other than just protein.

And can anybody tell me where to get this heart-shape egg rings??! It's just toooo adorable!!

June 26, 2008

It's not just about Kimchi

I hated Kimchi so much when we travelled to Korea. Breakfast Kimchi, lunch Kimchi, dinner Kimchi....even on the plane also they served Kimchi!! Day Kimchi, night Kimchi, and then I was wondering...can a Korean survive without Kimchi???

Alright, we all admit that Kimchi is very healthy, and the variety is like WOW!! Are you sure you can finish all these??

Ok, the photo above was not taken during my trip in Korea. It's actually what we had during the celebration of our seonsaengnim's (teacher) birthday. The meal that we had in Korea was this... This dinner set was treated by the Professors in Yonsei University in the uni in-house restaurant.

Bulgogi (BBQ Beef) with Kimchi and K'ongnamul Kkuk (Beansprout soup)

And then typical meal in local restaurant...

Shin ramyun (Spicy noodle) with Kimchi and kyeran (egg)

And my favourite...also the must-eat if you go to Korea!!

Sam-kye-tang (Ginseng chicken)

Starting to drool already?? Heheheh....there are more.... Well, this is one kind of traditional cuisine that we had in Taejon. Dinner was treated by the Professors after our visit to the uni. The restaurant is very far away from the town. The journey took about 30 minutes to reach this place.

Salad and Kimchi

We really liked the food very much, especially the Korean "pizza" (I cannot remember what is it called). It tasted similar to our fried oyster but the texture is more chewy....I just lurve it!

And also this...ginseng duck!! According to the Koreans, it is quite difficult for us to find these dishes if we eat in town. It's quite true, cause we usually can find only ginseng chicken. This ginseng duck is not only delicious but very nutricious too....see, how many ginseng they used in that pot of soup.

Ok, back to the Kimchi thing. I said I hated it right. But after coming back from Korea, I started to fall in love with Kimchi after eating another few Korean meals in Malaysia. No wonder my friend told me, at first you'll hate it, but ended up you'll love it. Hahhaha... I think so, and I am so crazy over Kimchi now, and I even tried to make it on my own....

But I failed lol... It looks good, but the taste was...erm....

Well, I think that's about all the main courses we had in Korea. Still there are snacks and junk food which I think I'll post next time. Aaww...I miss the food!!! Looking forward to go there again. Next time I'll make sure I have enough of Kimchi and Bulgogi.

June 23, 2008

Korea, the beginning of my travel chronicles

Looking at this photo really makes me miss my uni days... I couldn't believe that I represented my uni to South Korea on a research trip. And it was the very first travel trip in my life, back in the year 2003, my 2nd semester in UM. I had never been away from home all my life, and the furthest place I've ever travelled without my family was Singapore.

Travel around the world was my childhood dream, and I was once reluctant about how am I going to achieve my dream as I have not even stepped out of the country border farer than Singapore. KL was then my second home after I pursued my engineering course in UM, and before I entered uni, I had these crazy dreams of getting a chance to become an exchange student in other foreign uni...though I know how much "content" I have to become one. Thus the trip to Korea had compiled one the most beautiful pages in my life, and it was the beautiful start of my travel chronicles. Right then I fell in love with Korea, deeply...and of course, it's amazing to be able to achieve a dream in such a priceless way.

And 13 of us, all first timers travelling to foreign country, were bearing a burden besides the fun time fleeing around the attractions in Seoul city....and the most difficult of all, we had communication problem with the Koreans! I should say the Koreans are very friendly and helpful; they offered help and were trying hard to understand our Ma-nglish, while we also tried hard to understand their Ko-nglish vice versa... It was really funny then, as if we were having "chicken and duck talk". However, I really like their culture so much, because the Koreans are actually very "chinese"; you can see from their lifestyle, their language - Hangul, and they preserve Confucianism even better than us Chinese. And I think that is what which shapes the Korean to be humble and polite.

There was this day when we were required to go to Taejon to visit Pai Chai University, we even faced difficulty while trying to ask for hot water to cook our cup noodle. The hotel receptionists looked so embarrased when they realized that we had communication difficulty and were trying to seek for their help during our stay in Taejon. I said, "I need hot water. Hot water." And the receptionist started scratching on his head.... "Water. You know?" Then he shooked his head, with a very puzzled look on his face. "Erm...水, understand? Drink! Drink!" (because I thought Koreans write Chinese and maybe they could speak a little..)

Then I knew I was totally stucked in a situation which made me looked like a super weirdo, wigwaging in front of the reception counter. He felt sorry and quickly dragged one of his colleagues from the bar counter besides the lobby and asked her if she could help, but . Situation only ended when my team mate had to go all the way up to the room and brought all the cup noodles down to the lobby and showed to the receptionists. Finally we all broke silence into laughter, and we decided to finish up our cup noodles in the lobby, just in case we might need something else, because making a request through the phone surely wouldn't help at all! Back then, we learned the word "water" in Korean by heart.... "mul" it is.

Although at many times quirky things happened, but I really appreciate the hospitality and the warmth showed by the fellow Koreans. When we did grocery shopping in LG25 convenient store (Koreans seldom go to 7-Eleven), the shopkeeper even put away his duty for a while to help us find "plastic bag", but in fact, he did not understand what a "plastic bag" is. The Koreans refer our "plastic bag" as "polyethylene grocery bag", the type of grocery bag which is usable for keeping food. He brought us round and round in the shop to search for the additional "plastic bag" we asked for, so patient and helpful he was!! That moment we felt like wanna give him a hug.... This is the good value we Malaysians should learn, and I believe if the same situation happened in our country, most probably we will just say, "Sorry I don't understand." and that's it. At times we try to be helpful, but we just don't have the effort to do so...

Oh yea, this is something that I MUST share with you -- I finally can speak Korean!!! Yes, after the trip, I realize that global trotting is simply enjoyable, but in order to drive the level of excitement to the peak, understanding their language is a big credit. So, in my 3rd year in uni, I finally able to squeeze for a place in the foreign language classes. It was a very long queue for the Korean class...long enough till a year before I could get the place only during my final year. I miss my seonsaengnim (teacher) so much....and of course I miss Korea! I miss everything I had in Korea....

This article has been pending for posting since 2006, I just couldn't get it completed because it is really too long to post a travelog on Korea in a single blog post. At last, the intro is done. If you ask me what makes me complete my writing, it's the current travel program"Hi! Seoul" on TV. I love the ad as well, especially the last sentences "...the camera could only capture so much, the rest of Seoul is in my heart..."

**Next - my journey in Hanguk** be continued

June 21, 2008

Occult science - the mystical influence

Tadaaa! My dad's homepage is finally up. I'm pretty sure his page is far more professional than mine because he's writing about occult science & fengshui. Take some time to read through, you might find many useful tips on how to enhance your daily life from the prospective of fengshui. You can find the link from Blogs I read at my sidebar - Feng Shui & Occult Science or visit the link

Just to share my personal experiences, occult science really plays a mystical role in one's life. Many people say, "Aiya, I don't believe in such things. These are all craps!" Ok then, so why do you wear crystal bracelets; and why do you secretly give a peep at your palm when you hear people talk about which palm lines indicate your life, luck & career; and why do you read through your daily horoscopes in magazine and newspaper? that's it. Almost everyone has interest in occult science, it would be either astrology, numerology, i-ching, fengshui, palmistry, face reading or tarot card reading that you are interested in.

I've been practising numerology in daily life since erm....7 years old??....if I'm not mistaken. I still remember that the first time that I participated in my school's "Chinese General Knowledge Contest", I did actually beaten off the all-time-champion in my school...simply by waiting for the right turn to hand in the test paper. Amazing right??!! I couldn't believe it when our principal announced my name as the champion for that contest during assembly.

Numerology - obviously it's about NUMBERS, and how it can influence your life. Numerology is very powerful and I believe that most Indians has a strong believe towards numerology. I have quite a lot of Indian friends and whenever we share our thoughts on numerology, we are so excited over it. Every number represents something, if not, why does Chinese like number 8 so much? The reason behind? Despite of the pronounciation "fatt", number 8 is like a neverending loop, which means whatever is good will continue to be good (but whatever bad will be bad too lol...), makes sense right?

So in numerology, number 8 doesn't mean everything is good. However everything in nature has its adversary, so by wearing the right gems you can enhance the good 'qi' around you to eliminate or balance the bad 'qi' that agitates you. That's why people are wearing crystal or gem stones. But it is very important that not to blindly follow and wear whatever other people is wearing because what is good for him/her doesn't mean it suits you well too. If you wear the wrong crystal/gemstone, you might further enhance the bad 'qi' and ended up in a worse situation than before.
Windchime with mystical knots

Colour is also giving much influence in your daily life, that's why we believe that there are so called 'lucky colour' or 'unlucky colour'. Numerology will tell you which colours suit you and which colours don't. It is all very personal, for instance, me, I should try to avoid red and wear more bluish and greenish apparels. Why? It's too complicated to explain here. I remember reading some articles before, number is related to the mystical force of the planets... Dad told me stories on numerology, astrology and horoscopes when I was still a small kid. I can't really remember everything by heart but still I have some idea on those. Honestly, I can't believe that 'she' (the famous fengshui master) said she doesn't believe in numerology! Come on, occult science is a big family, and if she doesn't believe in numerology, why does she practise flying star fengshui?? Just like engineering, every stream of engineering is related. If you think civil engineering is enough for all, then why do you need M&E engineering to complete a construction project?

Hong Kong skyline - city which the construction is based on fengshui

Just like the Chinese sayings, "一命,二运, 三风水" (Fate, Luck & Fengshui) - if your fate is not good, you have to depend on your luck; if your luck is not good as well, then you need fengshui to boost the good energy around you. Many people think that fengshui is complicated; in fact it is very simple. Fengshui is the art of placement, in order to harmonize your surrounding, eliminate the bad 'qi' and boost the good 'qi'. Hahahha....I learn this from my daddy. If you're interested, you can get him for consultancy. Good fengshui means everything is in harmony, so if you feel that disputation is haunting you, it means something must be wrong somewhere around you. Might be wrong use of colour, wrong placement, wrong number, etc....

Any comment?? I hope there is somebody out there shares the same interest in occult science as I do, then we can share thoughts. Just remember - whenever there is a will, there is always a way. So do not give up and blame your fate, if everything doesn't work, you can still try it the occult way~ The bottomline, never harm anyone around you.


June 20, 2008

Rescue me, and my skin!!

This whole week is really a nightmare for me!! I've never had a skin dehydration before but I think I'm facing it right now... Well, for sure my skin is not genetically dry because it is combination - and I thought I would be happier if I need not use oil blotting paper...but when it dehydrates, I feel sadder than ever.

I've been thinking of the reasons that caused my face to become so dry until I can see some peeling. I drink enough water everyday, I had fruits for the past few days as usual, I didn't change my cleanser, I didn't even know what's gone wrong!! I felt itchy on my forehead and my cheeks since days ago, and I thought I had an allergy to seafood. But 2 days later I noticed some sign of dehydration started to attack on my face. OMG, so that's the reason - dehydrate -> dry -> itchy!

So I started to double up my skin care routine, hoping that the dryness will go away very VERY VERY SOON!!!

See? I've tried with whatever I have!!

Now I don't care about puffy face temporarily. I want more hydration and

But luckily, the masks did work. My face doesn't feel so tighten after 15 minutes of mask application. I should have thanked myself for standing by soooo many lotions and masks, which means a lot of $$$ have flown away~ That's why, beauty needs $$$ to sustain, unless one is born with flawless skin.

June 16, 2008

Falling in love with Million Star Gang ** 爱上星光帮**

I never felt like being so outdated on reality shows like AMERICAN IDOL...until last Saturday, when I watched One Million Star with my cousin sis at her house. It is already the 3rd Season yet I just get to know all the great vocalists who can sing like a star!! I mean, I know who is Aska Yang (杨宗纬), Judy Chou (周定緯), Afalean Lu (盧學叡) and Jam (萧敬藤) as they are today. Good singers of course, but I know nothing about how they actually gone through the tough contest in years back.

We spent the whole afternoon watching all the clips and how the "eliminators" challenged the contestants in the PK Contest when they got into their Top 10. I wonder if AMERICAN IDOL were to organize their contest like this, the world wide viewing ratio should be higher?? Instead of only having the Davids to compete each other striving to maintain at the Top 3, and the Davids fans "battling" each other in the comment columns of AI website, if there were somebody else who are really of the same level to PK them during their Top 10 performances, maybe something similar to Aska Yang vs. Jam would happened....I just could imagine so....

Anyway, the Million Star Gang is really marvelous!! Don't even compare them with our Malaysian Superstar Project contestants....their skills are about a million miles away better than our singers. OMG!! I can't even find much slight defect on their performance, they're just about that professional like the AI contestants. I am always crazy for music, and I really am falling in love with their performances. It seems that every season there will be a few contestants that sing their own creation of songs yet still they can make it through the Top 10. I envy so much of their talent...if only I had the chance to learn musical instruments when I was small, I would definitely go for competition like this...but most probably will be kicked out before even make it to the Top 1000?? Aiya, just for fun - syok sendiri mar!! =P

For sure it's daydreaming lol, cuz I had a few friends who competed in the Astro Talent Quest and also Superstar Project in the previous years but they didn't make it to the finals. I was quite disappointed because they were the "popular stars" during our school days or uni days, and they were the ones who were requested by all to perform whenever we have functions, big or small. But when they participated in the contests, however, they lost... That made me salute more to the winners of such singing contests because they are really great...only sometimes the quality are a bit 'distorted' from how it should be, but still I think they really put a lot of effort in achieving dreams.

For One Million Star Season 3, I do have a few favourite contestants in my mind, and I really wish they will be the Top 5: Lala 徐佳莹, 黎础宁, 简凤君, 林芯仪 and 赖圣恩. Still within the Top 12, but not sure whether they can maintain to be among the top when the PK contest comes in... Love 徐佳莹 so much on songs she composed, simple and easy listening. I'm sure many people like her too, and her chubby cutie face does make her looks lovely. In the Top 12 performance week, the seniors from Million Star Gang Season 2 came back to help them in the duet contest, and only then I noticed Rachel 梁文音, 黄美珍, 叶玮庭 and 曾沛慈. They did helped a lot in the secret training to sing duet with current season's Top 12, and I love "她在睡前哭泣" duet by 梁文音 and 徐佳莹, and "跟着感觉走" by 林芯仪 and 黄美珍, just couldn't help repeating the clip I downloaded yesterday!! Yea, I'm still repeating now while typing my blog. seems that I'm bias towards 徐佳莹 and 林芯仪 already, just like how I like David Cook and David Archuleta during the AI contest.

Visit this if you know chinese....

Now the performance has reached the Top 8, I guess so...but still I don't have the time to watch it yet...gosh, tomorrow I will need to download the latest episode lol. Hmm...since then, nite nite!~ Wish I have a starry starry dream tonight.

June 14, 2008

I'm bloGGIng!!!

HeYa!! Princess is finally back to her blogging world. Actually I've been quite some time away from writting...these days were really quite heavy due to issues at work. job ain't easy, and I can say that almost everyday I only have ~15-20 minutes to see the sunlight, and maybe nearly 1 hour if I have lunch outside of the site. This is not how my life should go on -- hey I'm a travel freak, and I love blogging about going places, having funtime with my buddies and eating...or at least talking about music, fashion and movies.

Life has changed much since then when I started my working life. Instead of "MONEY no enough" I should say I "MASA no enough" lah! Even when I go for a short holiday in KL I still have to worry about the production stuff....aRrRgGhHHhh!!! And 2 hours ago I just received another call from the production line regarding URGENT lots for shipment again. Does this indicate that I'm job secured?? Since life is busy and it seems that I do not have enough time to take care of my long hair, I had it trimmed 6-7 inches away... *oUch!! It hurts me so...for 3 years I have never cut my hair more than 2 inches*

Long hair vs short hair

Though I love to keep long hair, but still I must admit that short hair does make me look fresher (not during bad hair days) and younger. Now it has grown 2 inch longer, and I think my hair really grows fast. So, very soon I'll be back like this...

Hahahha....I do like her much!!

By that time, I will be fleeing on the sandy beaches of Phuket with my favourite straw hat, sipping coconut water and photo whoring. Yes, life without travel will kill me, certainly will! I envy Nicole & Kenny Sia (ma fav bloggers) so much that they could actually gain much travelling (some even FOC) after becoming a blogger!! That inspires me though! Should I become like them one day?, I decided to sign up as a Nuffnang blogger, and see if I could earn something from there. No harm to try mar...I guess I'll gain some $$ if my blog attracts some readers. But the problem is...I still cannot find the way to add the Nuffnang Ads on my page!! Can anyone help me?? Anyway, I have the motivation to move on with my interest now. Hehehe...

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