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December 7, 2006

Rain is coming!!!!~

My dear BI is finally coming to Malaysia! Oh gosh...oh gosh...oh gosh... Grace tongsaeng was like...."Onni!! I'm too excited!~" Me too...and Steve too. He was influenced by me over Rain's dance. Well, though the tickets are so DAMN EXPENSIVE (RM: 752, 502, 402, 302, 202, 132, 82), I'm pretty sure that they'll be sold out within a few days. Even though the S'pore fans complained about the super expensive tickets --- $188 - $888, the tickets were sold out within 2 days!! Can see the power of Rain. And the expenses for his stage set up and performance will create a history in concerts held in Malaysia, if not mistaken, it's even higher than Michael Jackson's. Oh BI...you do make the Cancerians proud!!!

Though I'm not a part of CLOUD (his official fans of fansclub), we still will find ways to stick as a group during his concert. Some even plan to do T-shirts (but I dun think I will wear...). Grace already posted a thread in MJJH website for the pre-ordering of tickets. Too bad I'm poor....only can feel the atmosphere from afar with the RM82 ticket...but I know we're surely gonna enjoy greatest moments shouting his songs on the spot. Well...that's part of my task now, memorizing BI's lyrics. I just hope that Lim Jeong Hee will be performing too...she's such a great singer. Can't wait to listen to Cassiopeia....

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