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August 14, 2006

여보의졸업식~ Prince 스티브’s Convocation

Princess was so busy with dear dear’s convo until no time for blogging. It took me 2 weeks for the preparation till the end of everything. Since the week when the graduates had to confirm their booking for the robe, photo frame, ceremony photo, DVD and lots more, I’ve been following up almost everything because he’s busy with work at the moment and some more not in KL. On July 31st we took the robe from Uni and then he was back to work the next day. In that case it’s my turn to ‘take care’ of the robe… approximately RM400 it costs. And honestly…it stinks!!! Just imagine that thousands and thousands of unwashed robes tied together, kept in a store room and never been exposed to the sunlight until the next convo, and this had been continual for years… Eeewww…

The following days I was busy looking for presents… and a new suit for attending his convo. I’m very concern about my appearance cuz it’s his big day!! Yea I gotta wear something really lovely yet not too striking. Headache!!! Finally I decided to wear like 비궁마마 신채경… Nice try.

On August 10th we woke up early at 6.00am... Still had no idea how to brooch the shawl on his robe. Everything turned really kelam-kabut when we realized that it's already 6.45am!!! Still gotta fetch his parents from Cititel to UM and Steve had to gather at B.Peperiksaan at 7.30am. And gosh... my hair looked like a mess!!! Luckily I never had to attend the ceremony in the hall. I almost got myself tripped into the mud when I ran back to the car park (muddy field after last night's rain). It's then 9.15am and I had to morning call his brothers to get ready. By the time I finished changing and make-up it's already 10am. The flowers!!! Must remember to bring the teddies too... My... my... next year I will have to repeat all these during my convo. Started to feel sleepy after running here and there for 2 days. I'll get some sleep on the way back to Ipoh later... But I'm proud of you 사랑하는 스티브!!


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