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July 3, 2006

The Production Floor Story

Running DOE was my major task and I’m starting to miss my “baby” – NGIHS. Too bad I can’t be there when you’re officially commenced for production run… Sigh… Luckily I have pictures of Asymtek & Grohmann for my album. =) Not too bad huh. I would salute to the MSes for being able to withstand the tiredness of standing 12 hours in the production floor!!! No kidding!!! I got backache, headache, foot ache, muscle cram… whatever you can state out after standing for almost 5 hours in the IHSA link. And I still can remember there was this day when I nearly fainted after inhaled too much IPA during carrier cleaning. Gosh… they are really wonderful!!! You see – NO MS = NO PRODUCTION = INTEL DIE

I believe that most girls hate to go into the production floor because –
1. You must wear SMOG
2. You must wear safety shoes
3. You must wear safety glass
4. You must pass through the security scan
and here comes THE MOST TROUBLESOME-- 5. You must tie your hair!!

I totally agree with No.5 because I am very concerned about bad hair days… You spent RM300 to get your hair rebonded or permed but it’s all GONE IN 5 MINUTES… Straight hair will get a wave somewhere around the middle of length and whoa… curly hair will make you look like Lion King after you release your bun. ~sob sob~

However I still like to go to the floor because you will see a lot of happening stuff there. You even get the chance to see screwed up people, people screwing people, you screw people, or… you get screwed by people. Fun yea… that’s the daily life of the production line. Sometimes when I’m stressed out, I’d sneaked to the Test area and sat on the floor behind SH2. No worries… that could be considered the cleanest area in the whole. Still... gotta thank Naga for touring me around the Test area. A token to you Naga!!

Here are some of my collection of photos. I really think that I look funny wearing the safety glasses... don't you?

JK Ong, Han Hsiung, me & Wen Hui at the Pico Rework area

Me in the 'aunty' specs


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