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July 3, 2006

Princess' Day Off - the day I started my blog

8 weeks ago I had just finished exam and shifting house in KL... the very next few days later I flew off to Penang. Gosh... I didn't really prepare anything for Intel NEO. I was even late upon arrival for the first day of training. Embarrassing... ("_)

Intel... 8 weeks is certainly not a short period but not that long instead. The first few days of NEO were like centuries. Wen Hui & I used to yawn during the talks... We even did some 'stupid & childish' stuff to distract our sleepiness. But I am really glad to have her all along the way for my internship. You see, she'd become my 'chi mui' ever since then.

The following days were sort of nightmares… Why? Because there are always some people who are too free and have too much extra time to ‘dessert’ you with ‘surprises’. I nearly went for OPEN DOOR as advised by my colleagues. Really felt harassed when you received messages and IMs from ‘unidentified colleagues’. They know who you are, where you went, what color you wear on that particular day… Irritating yea? If you really want to get to know somebody, pleaseeee do it in a proper way. Or else the outcome will be quite ‘rewarding’. I should have send email to their managers for warning. Maybe I am too soft… Arrgghhhh!!!

Thereafter, I gained some ‘gladiators’ who had then become very good friends. “Guys… I am sure you know who you are. Just admit it. Especially N & L.” Hahaha… Good to hear compliments yea. Then, recently, the production floor becomes ‘predator’ floor. I hate staring from nowhere yet you can feel them like laser focusing on you. Seems like the aunty look of Princess Cheryl still cannot avoid from drawing people’s attention… I am too fair!!! Looks like I really need some sunburn. Sigh…

Wonder why I call myself Princess Cheryl? Guess…

Do you get yourself a *Bingo*? Yea, ‘somebody’ called me and since then I start addressing myself Princess in the IM & msn. I never even think of that before. Thank you for the name! Aha… it’s my copyright now.

“Princess” + “Cheryl” = “Princess Cheryl”

Isn’t it perfect? Hahhahahha… I like to pamper myself by feeling valued. *~wink wink~* Since then my status notes were like – “Princess goes to floor”; “Princess Cheryl-A za a za fighting!!!”; “Princess is freaked out…” blah blah blah…

Guess what. My “A za a za fighting” had actually drawn much attention from my colleagues and even my manager asked me what it is??!! Come on, get yourself a cheer. It’s so… so… I FEEL GOOD!!

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