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July 21, 2006

Pretty in Pink~

I never really like pink before. Well, I know girls should love pink. Who doesn’t?? But I just love green… Green is soothing, green is calming, green comforts your eyes and green is lively!!! I like all sorts of green tone and even the color test said that my color is green. All the while pink gives me the impression of girlish, chicly, trendy and innocent. When it comes to choosing garments that come with different tones, I’d go for green or purple. I like purple cuz it’s romantic and mysterious…like me. [Ermm…am I day dreaming??]
Until…people started to comment that I look good in pink. OMG! Does pink really suit me?? They said pink brings out the best tones of my complexion & features. […maybe I’m not that yellowish for a Chinese…] But seriously beige really blends into my skin tone and I’d avoid that. And so I started to accept pink, by telling myself that even though it’s too popular among girls (I noticed that even aunties also like to wear pink =s ), it doesn’t mean that I’m a slave for pink. I’ll get pink to enhance my elegant green! Since then I realized pink actually goes perfectly with green. Just perfect!! Then I started buying pink T-shirt, pink skirt, pink trousers, pink blusher...now I got plenty of pink merchandises too. Heheh..
Maybe they’re right. Pink boosts the lovable part of my look, retains the fairness of complexion but makes it look healthier. I’m a green and pink goes well on me. Hmm…should appear with more blends of pinky & greeny tones dee… My favourite girls also look sexy & sweet in pink!!

Hyori is sexy in pink!!

Song Hae Kyo is sweet in pink

Yun Eun Hae looks lovable with pink rose necklace


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