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July 4, 2006

Breakfast...Lunch...Dinner >> my INTEL buddies

Dear all… my breakfast and lunch buddies. We used to IM each other everyday like – “Meeting?” “Yessi.” “8.30?” “Ok.” “At the staircase.” or “PG2 later?” “Great.” “Who else?” “PY, YN, Lenny, BH…” “K. 12pm at PG7 Shuttle station.”
And there were times when everybody is waiting for everybody. YN used to say that. =>

The 2nd version of makan lunch with my cubemates is – “Wanna go with us?” “Where?” “Outside lar. Sick of canteen food.” “Ok. My car at Shinca, you drive.” “My car at roof top. Wei… yours leh? Dun wanna go Shinca lar. My car is hot.” “Ok lar I drive.”
Then, around 1.45pm – “Aiyo!! Full liao!” “Wanna go up and try?” “See car pool space still got vacancy or not..” “Wah… luckily come in or else must take shuttle from Shinca again.” “See… I told you.”

The PG2 lunch memories

Then, every Friday would be like holiday as most people are either too exited over the long break hours or no mood to work after lunch. Some interns actually went for a movie in the 2 hours break! Can you imagine that? Fully utilized… good time management yea. Well, I’ve been to Prawn Village, Tesco, Batu Maung, Taman Pekaka and Villa Emas for lunch. The Villa Emas one was planned on purpose – farewell lunch for Wen Hui & I. That was really a grand one, nearly the whole of Assembly Engineering attended. Hehehhe… you’d realize how popular am I in my department. Hmm… I’d always been very warm and friendly to people who doesn’t play a fool on me.

Peking duck for lunch at Taman Pekaka

One fine Saturday we went food hunting and celebrated birthday for YN. It was quite a memorable one as Naga and Lenny had to ‘give aero plane’ last minute before we departed. Schedule was then kelam-kabut as the one who was supposed to fetch me had to turn back to Intel for emergency on-call. Bad luck day too… for it’s been raining whole day long. Everyone was talking about the Beach Party on Friday and PG7 was so excited about that. We thought of going to the Beach Party for YN’s birthday but had to cancel since the rain was still pouring at 6pm. Those who were able to make it for the makan time really wondered how we could remain so enthusiast over our outing when the weather was so bad. Some more eating ais-kacang on a rainy day!!

The food hunting gang

Isaac dropped PY and me at Gurney Plaza after lunch and we were ‘forced’ to carry on with our ad-hoc plan – shopping for nearly 2 hours. We were then shopping like 柏芝 in the movie ‘女人购物狂’. But of course we were just trying on the clothes, nearly 10 pieces per try. Gosh… we must have been crazy. Then came this LATE KING YN around 4pm. The birthday boy must of course be the pay master for the cakes. Manila Place is quite fine if you’d like to hang out with friends and have some chat in the afternoon. Just look at the cakes… how many OSIM Uzap we need here???!!

Dinner time was spent with Naga, Lenny, Janet & Grace at the Northam Beach Café. I had German sausage for dinner as the word GERMAN sure attracts me. Haha… Just wonder why they didn’t name it Deutsche Würtze. After dinner we moved on to Starbucks for the preparation of SWAT exam on Tuesday. What a waste that I didn’t really have time to study the statistical analysis during my internship. The only things I really know is plotting control & distribution chart and analyze the capability of run using JMP. Sigh… I must find opportunity to learn that for the incoming days.

Chill Out was not happening at all. Only the beats went on, without hot chic. Maybe everyone had gone to the Beach Party at Bayview Resort. And YN left us big ‘aero plane’ again for his WC live screening. Arrgghhhh… I’ll remember that!! And oh yea, the one who was supposed to be the host for his house warming didn’t even stay home for that!!!??


Opsss.. i saw my name there. Hehehehe! nicely written blog. Keep it up!

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