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July 6, 2006

The Grand Finale

You guys almost make me cry… I really never thought of leaving with such a grand farewell. Thank you for the farewell outing, farewell lunch and farewell dinner. To Yoong Nian & Phei Yuen – I’m really glad to be able to celebrate your birthday. Shall be alert bout that from this year onwards, 25th & 29th June. (*v*)

Still, wanna say a thousand thanks to my Assembly group of people. Life has been vivacious in these 2 months because you treated me so well. Really glad to know each and every of you… Sham Ming, Siva, Teng, Sim, Angelia, Soo San, Isaac, Wen Hui, Allan, Chiou Lai, CF Low, JK Ong, Donald, Liaw, Yoke See, Boey, Eng Piau, Poh Seong, and so on… For the sake of running DOE, I finally get myself used to the tough environment in our workplace. Really appreciate the training given as I think I will be able to manage my work better in the real engineering world in future.

My Assembly family & bosses:

To Naga, Lenny, Phei Yuen, Yoong Nian & Grace – Thank you for the great night! And thank you Phei Yuen for making this precious moment last forever...

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