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July 14, 2006


I met with an accident…and I missed my WC Final!!! It took me 5 hours to settle everything and by the time I reached home it’s already 5.15am. D*mn!!! I watched the first half in the Emergency Waiting Hall of Hospital Universiti as my bf hit on the steering during the brake… The service sucks!!! Reached the registration counter at 12.39am and by the time medicine was collected at the Pharmacy it’s already 3.30am!! And we gotta ‘patah balik’ to Kajang Police Station becuz the online system is not centralized. And the police laughed at the tiny winy scratches on the bumper. If that stupid driver would just settle it earlier I wouldn’t have to get into such a mess!!! I am so d*mn f***ed up!!! And you know what; the driver had actually hit somebody’s car in the afternoon on the same day from the police record. And she transmitted all her rage and annoyance to us!!! KL people!!! Now I hate KL people!!! Especially professionals!!!
And so we got this “phrase of the year” from the driver – she got down from her Kia Sephia, and yelled at us – “Hey!!! Do u have license?? DO U KNOW WHAT IS MOMENTUM??” What da…she’s a doctor, that’s the main point!!! And then my bf answered, “I’m an engineering student okay!!” “Have u studied physics??”
OMG!!! U see… KL people!!! Doctor will also bombastic u with the physics terms!!! AND WHAT I HATE MOST IS – What da heck!!! How come a doctor can be so bad-mannered!!! Apologies were just craps and I do think we need not apologize. So next time if u happen to come over with similar cases – in KL – u can start blasting scientific words at them, or else, they’ll make u feel like u’re a dummy!! This is so ridiculous!!!


hei Jia Weeen..
should be happy she asked u bout momentum.. in Kl as well i have even seen a proffesional with tie somomore, come out of his car, and kick a public transport, mini bus.. let me recall(intra kota i guess) and calling to drive rto come out for fight...
lucky u didn't come across this kind of person.. hai.. anyway glad u n ur boy ok..:)

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