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June 2, 2009

Our 2005 X-mas getaway -- Hong Kong & Shenzhen (Day 1-4)

Months before the vacation we've planned everything included the self-guided tour for our extended tour for 5 days. We were used to 10-day-vacation everytime we go overseas so no matter how I must find a way to extend the tour. I feel so proud to be the tourguide most of the time!! ^wink*wink^

Nah.. My baby is also super. He was in charged of our Macau tour. Hmm...if you were to ask me how long did we plan for all those stuffs...more than a month I guess. I really put a lot of effort into this vacation ~ time, money, 'travel research' & so on... We're travel freaks!!! Well I've been going overseas ever since the first year in Uni, then get addicted (as my grandma said) to travel every year. I'd always wanted to load all the slides of the my trips according to the schedule (but I was so busy with my studies, activities and part time jobs....been working hard for 1 whole year to be able to spend like this besides paying for my daily expenses), so only get to publish my posts looooonnnnng after the trip. (0.0)"

Hope you enjoy my slides~ (may take a little longer to load)

Check out the photos and travel story in the links below (in Chinese, if you can't understand, there is a translation tool on the right sidebar):
Day 1 -- Hong Kong
Day 2 -- Hong Kong/Shenzhen
Day 3 -- Shenzhen
Day 4 -- Hong Kong

1st day (Dec 17) ~ Hong Kong
Temperature: 14 deg C Tour guide: Princess Cheryl
Places visited: Chek Lap Kok International Airport, Jordan, Yau Ma Tei, Temple Street, Mongkok

2nd day (Dec 18) ~ Hong Kong-Shen Zhen
Temperature: 15 deg C Tour guide: Bobo, Vivian
Places visited: Tsim Sha Tsui, Repulse Bay, Aberdeen Fishing Village, Avenue of Stars, Ladies' Market, Hung Hom, Shen Zhen Book City, MixC

3rd day (Dec 19) ~ Shen Zhen
Temperature: 11 deg C Tour guide: Vivian
Places visited: Crystal factory, Silk making factory, Splendid China, Folk Cultural Village, Dong Men

4th day (Dec 20) ~ Hong Kong
Temperature: 17 deg C Tour guide: -
Places visited: Disneyland

The following day we continued our journey to Macau. Steve's been longed for Ruinas da Sao Paolo (Ruins of St. Paul) and finally we could get there. So stay tune for the next slides... (^-^) If you'd like to go to Hong Kong, winter is the best time. Because it's X-mas time!!!


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