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July 23, 2006

Koala bears ~ Phascolarctos cinereus

Ta daaa… Koala bears!!! Aren’t they the most adorable creatures in the universe?? That’s 'my' species… heheh… If you were to ask me what is the most irresistible thing to me – that’s it – KOALA!!
I can control my shopping cart on clothes, skin care, beauty products but I just couldn’t help it when I see a Koala Bear!!! Ooo… And yea… my bf used to call me Koala Bear… Do I look like one?

Koalas rest motionless for about 19 hours a day, sleeping most of that time, and spend about 3 of their 5 active hours eating. Koalas feed on Eucalyptus leaves.

Shhhh dun wake me up...

Onya-Birri is the only male albino koala in San Diego Zoo, born on September 1, 1997. Albino Koala is very rare -- white fur with pink nose.

I just wish I could rear one as a pet but that's impossible. Hmm... I wonder when will I be able to make a trip to the Koala Farm...

Ooops... Onya-Birri is awake!!!

These are my cutie koalas and I still have plenty of them (^,^)

July 21, 2006

Pretty in Pink~

I never really like pink before. Well, I know girls should love pink. Who doesn’t?? But I just love green… Green is soothing, green is calming, green comforts your eyes and green is lively!!! I like all sorts of green tone and even the color test said that my color is green. All the while pink gives me the impression of girlish, chicly, trendy and innocent. When it comes to choosing garments that come with different tones, I’d go for green or purple. I like purple cuz it’s romantic and mysterious…like me. [Ermm…am I day dreaming??]
Until…people started to comment that I look good in pink. OMG! Does pink really suit me?? They said pink brings out the best tones of my complexion & features. […maybe I’m not that yellowish for a Chinese…] But seriously beige really blends into my skin tone and I’d avoid that. And so I started to accept pink, by telling myself that even though it’s too popular among girls (I noticed that even aunties also like to wear pink =s ), it doesn’t mean that I’m a slave for pink. I’ll get pink to enhance my elegant green! Since then I realized pink actually goes perfectly with green. Just perfect!! Then I started buying pink T-shirt, pink skirt, pink trousers, pink I got plenty of pink merchandises too. Heheh..
Maybe they’re right. Pink boosts the lovable part of my look, retains the fairness of complexion but makes it look healthier. I’m a green and pink goes well on me. Hmm…should appear with more blends of pinky & greeny tones dee… My favourite girls also look sexy & sweet in pink!!

Hyori is sexy in pink!!

Song Hae Kyo is sweet in pink

Yun Eun Hae looks lovable with pink rose necklace

July 18, 2006

The true colors of Princess Cheryl...

Princess just happened to check mail and found the following links forwarded by my friends. It's amazing to get to know more about yourself. Well, for me it's sort of to authenticate my true self. Hahahha... I think the results are notified by those who know me. Right, friends?? =(^o^)=

If you have time -- indulge yourself with the inspiring tests @

Some of Princess Cheryl's test results:-

>>What Kind of Cool Are You?
There's no reason the buzz can't be about you. So how bout it — what makes you so cool? Take the test and find out!

Cheryl, you're Crazy Cool

You taking the tried and true path? We doubt it. A wild child with lots of passion, you often prefer to leap without looking. This means you don't mind taking a chance or getting in a little trouble from time to time. If you learned something new or pushed yourself, then hey, it was worth it.

Sure, you've got a sensible side, too, but you'd rather get lost in the moment and do something no one else has done before. Sound pretty cool? It certainly is.

>>What Makes You a Real Beauty?
You're a natural. Even on those days when you may not feel like it, you've still got a special something that puts a spring in your step and a glow on your face. Find out what makes you a real beauty!

Cheryl, your Sense of Style makes you a real beauty

You don't need a catwalk to strut your stuff. A cool and confident fashionista like you knows how to look fabulous wherever you go. You've got a good eye for what's hot and what looks good on you. And you're comfortable with who you are and what you want out of life.

Sure, you like to look great, but that doesn't mean you follow fads or listen to what other people say is right for you. You're an individual, and you make sure that comes through in everything you do, whether you're at the office, on a date, or out on the town. You can't go wrong when you're being true to yourself. That never goes out of style!

>>The Beauty Pageant Test
Every girl who's wanted to compete in a pageant knows there's more to it than pretty faces and eveningwear. So, let's say you entered one. What title would you strut away with? Take the Beauty Pageant Test and find out what will take you all the way to the winner's circle!

Cheryl, you've been crowned Miss Personality

Not that it's surprising with your sunny disposition and genuine down-home heart. You've learned that you catch more flies with honey, and simply put, you're just a pleasant person to be around.

Sure, the eveningwear competition might have been more fun than any dress-up game from your childhood days. But when it comes right down to it, that piece of fabric didn't get you to the winner's circle. It was the glimpse the judges got of your personality while you were strutting your stuff in that glamorous gown that made them notice you. So what are you going to do now that you've made it big? How about if you keep inspiring those around to be the best they can be?

>>What's Your True Color?
Psychologists agree that colors have distinct personalities of their own. Blue is calm, red is passionate, yellow is inviting, and so on. What color is your personality? Answer a few quick questions and find out!

Cheryl, your true color is Green!

You're green, the color of growth and vigor. Good-hearted and giving, you have a knack for finding and bringing out the best in people. Green is the most down-to-earth color in the spectrum — reliable and trustworthy. People know they can count on you to be around in times of need, since your concern for people is genuine and sincere. You take pride in being a good friend. For you, success is measured in terms of personal achievement and growth, not by status or position. Rare as emeralds, greens are wonderful, natural people. It truly is your color!

>>Who's Your Hip Hop Heartthrob?
You've got the rhythm, beat, bling, and style. Now you just need to know which hip hop superstar you're most like. Find out!

Cheryl, your hip hop heartthrob is P. Diddy

Hey there, trendsetter. Like your sophisticated and stylish hip hop match, P. Diddy, you're a smooth operator who pays attention to how you look and what you do. That way, no matter what you're doing, you're always ready to rock it.

It takes a special breed to take the lead like you do. Whether your interest is music, fashion, or politics, you put your all into everything you do. And that's one of the reasons you inspire people. Watch out, Diddy!

>>What's Your Cinderella Story?
Who says fairy tales are just for bedtime stories? Come on, you know you'd love to be transformed into a princess for a night. Especially if it meant finding your prince. So how about it? If you were Cinderella, how would your story end? Take the test!

Cheryl, in your Cinderella story, you'd get to Kiss the Prince

You don't need the pouffy dress, the fancy hair, or the 3-inch glass heels. A romantic soul like you just wants a guy who's a true companion, a good friend, a real prince. And if he's hot? All the better. But ultimately, you know that home is where the heart is. Which is probably why you surround yourself with good friends you can take care of and laugh with — friends who will do the same for you.

But that doesn't keep you from fantasizing about the perfect relationship. It's not that you don't have your feet firmly planted on the ground. It's just that you're not afraid to shoot high. Or wish upon a shooting star. So keep reaching for your goals, Cinderella. If you do, your happily ever after can't be far away. And you can seal that with a kiss.

>>What's Your Goddess Identity?
You may know yourself — but the real question is, do you know your goddess identity? Are you a Muse with the power to inspire all those in your presence? Or is it mischief that you spread, Pixie? This is your chance to find out, goddess!

Cheryl, you're a Muse!

Known for your creative powers, you Muses are the poets and musicians of life, the patrons of the fine arts. It's funny, though — even with your inspirational prowess, you're probably not the type to boast about your guitar-strumming skills, or your latest published book of verse.

While it's great when people flock to you for ideas, there probably is a part of you that prefers to blend in sometimes — whether dressing in muted shades or staking out a one-on-one conversation at parties and social events. But try as you might not to hog the spotlight, others can't help but notice you. Must be hard to be such a goddess!

Despite any lingering modesty, you might be surprised at how much your mere presence can help improve the lives of those around you by infusing them with ideas and good thoughts. With that kind of healing energy, your inspirational ways have the potential to change the world, Muse. Whether you're scribbling sonnets, boogying with your friends, or drawing your own constellations — you're tapped in. So keep your eyes wide open to the possibilities and let that inspiration flow!

There are lots more. Just check out the fun stuffs at the website. You'd probably be stucked on your seat for hours. Anyway it's a good time fritter!! Have some good leisure. Yea... pamper yourself... like a princess. *wink wink*

July 14, 2006

Princess' 23rd birthday

Princess Cheryl turns 23 on 7-eleven!!

Cutting my strawberry birthday cake at 12.00am

Birthday dinner at Marché

Marché (pronounced as 'Mar shay') in French, means Market. Ooo...I had my birthday dinner in a market??!! It's an outlet of the Swiss Möven Peak group. Well... it's a wonderful dinner I can say. I just love the environment!!! I think I'll get what I wanted all the time...just the matter of time. I missed the opportunity to dine in Marché when I was on X-mas vacation in Hong Kong last year -- The Peak Tower was under renovation!!! I thought I could spend a cold winter night having heavy buffet in the highest restaurant in Hong Kong... So disappointed cuz I've been searching for great dining places before I went there. But I finally get my 'compensation' on my birthday... Heheheh... Customers are not allowed to take photos inside but...exception for a birthday Princess =(*v*)=

The environment is simply remarkable

Fresh deep sea oysters... first come first serve (we grabbed around 16 I think)

I just couldn't have enough of the chewy grilled mussels!! I actually ate 12...


I met with an accident…and I missed my WC Final!!! It took me 5 hours to settle everything and by the time I reached home it’s already 5.15am. D*mn!!! I watched the first half in the Emergency Waiting Hall of Hospital Universiti as my bf hit on the steering during the brake… The service sucks!!! Reached the registration counter at 12.39am and by the time medicine was collected at the Pharmacy it’s already 3.30am!! And we gotta ‘patah balik’ to Kajang Police Station becuz the online system is not centralized. And the police laughed at the tiny winy scratches on the bumper. If that stupid driver would just settle it earlier I wouldn’t have to get into such a mess!!! I am so d*mn f***ed up!!! And you know what; the driver had actually hit somebody’s car in the afternoon on the same day from the police record. And she transmitted all her rage and annoyance to us!!! KL people!!! Now I hate KL people!!! Especially professionals!!!
And so we got this “phrase of the year” from the driver – she got down from her Kia Sephia, and yelled at us – “Hey!!! Do u have license?? DO U KNOW WHAT IS MOMENTUM??” What da…she’s a doctor, that’s the main point!!! And then my bf answered, “I’m an engineering student okay!!” “Have u studied physics??”
OMG!!! U see… KL people!!! Doctor will also bombastic u with the physics terms!!! AND WHAT I HATE MOST IS – What da heck!!! How come a doctor can be so bad-mannered!!! Apologies were just craps and I do think we need not apologize. So next time if u happen to come over with similar cases – in KL – u can start blasting scientific words at them, or else, they’ll make u feel like u’re a dummy!! This is so ridiculous!!!

July 7, 2006

A dedication to Phei Yuen...

The birthday lunch at Tasty Cafe

July 6, 2006

The Grand Finale

You guys almost make me cry… I really never thought of leaving with such a grand farewell. Thank you for the farewell outing, farewell lunch and farewell dinner. To Yoong Nian & Phei Yuen – I’m really glad to be able to celebrate your birthday. Shall be alert bout that from this year onwards, 25th & 29th June. (*v*)

Still, wanna say a thousand thanks to my Assembly group of people. Life has been vivacious in these 2 months because you treated me so well. Really glad to know each and every of you… Sham Ming, Siva, Teng, Sim, Angelia, Soo San, Isaac, Wen Hui, Allan, Chiou Lai, CF Low, JK Ong, Donald, Liaw, Yoke See, Boey, Eng Piau, Poh Seong, and so on… For the sake of running DOE, I finally get myself used to the tough environment in our workplace. Really appreciate the training given as I think I will be able to manage my work better in the real engineering world in future.

My Assembly family & bosses:

To Naga, Lenny, Phei Yuen, Yoong Nian & Grace – Thank you for the great night! And thank you Phei Yuen for making this precious moment last forever...

PY's artwork:

Igsugchi Anhaso [Can't Get Used]

Rain’s songs have always touched my soul… I like the way he dances as if it’s raining, and when he sings he is really into the song. A Cancerian who is as sentimental as I am, maybe that’s why I liked him that much. Seeing his fans cried when he cried in the concert, I think I understand why...the pain of losing his mother.
I feel like crying when I let myself into the song... it just makes me feel that way –

Igsugchi Anhaso [Can't Get Used]

Onur uyonhi norur mannasso malloman duton gu sarami ni gyothe hamke issosso
nan nomu nollasso negyothe issur ten borsu obdon hwanhan misorur jigo issosso
hajiman non nega burssang hanji ne mosubi guri chorahe boyossonunji
nunmurur gurssongimyo kori ige mwonyamyo we irohge himduro hanyago nege murosso
nan gojimarur heboryogo hejiman nar bonun noui nunur boni guman nado moruge
ne maumsoge idon hago phadon marduri guman hullonaogo marasso

* Nan honja jami dununge honja iro nanunge honja babur mognunge igsugchir anha
nan honja joha hanunge honja surpho hanunge igsugchir anhaso igsugchir anhaso

Nan we nor ijir mothanunji ajigdo noman sengag hamyon gyesog nunmuri nanunji
iman hamyon ije ijur tedo doenunde shigani hullodo we deche najijir anhnunde
nan ochaphi norur mannagi jonedo honjaso sarassuni gutero doragajago
ne jashinur gyesog dalleboryo hedo noui binjariman boyo

* Nan honja jami dununge honja iro nanunge honja babur mognunge igsugchir anha
nan honja joha hanunge honja surpho hanunge igsugchir anhaso igsugchir anhaso

Igsugchi Anhaso [Can't Get Used]

Today I met you by chance
That person who I had heard about was there with you
I was so surprised because there was a smile on your face
A smile that had never been there when you were with me
I guess I seemed pathetic to you, so lonely and sad

There were tears in my eyes
So you asked me why I was crying, why I was hurting so much
I tried to lie to you
But when I saw you looking at me I couldn't help myself
All the words that were in my heart spilled out

* Going to bed alone, waking up alone Eating meals alone, I can't get used to that
Liking something alone, feeling sad alone I can't get used to that, I can't get used to it

Why can't I forget you?
Even now if I think of you tears fill my eyes
Enough time has passed for me to forget about you
So why can't I forget you even after all this time?
There was a time before we met when I lived alone
I say to myself that I'll try to go back to that time
But then all I see is the empty space that you have left

* Going to bed alone, waking up alone Eating meals alone, I can't get used to that
Liking something alone, feeling sad alone I can't get used to that, I can't get used to it

July 4, 2006

Breakfast...Lunch...Dinner >> my INTEL buddies

Dear all… my breakfast and lunch buddies. We used to IM each other everyday like – “Meeting?” “Yessi.” “8.30?” “Ok.” “At the staircase.” or “PG2 later?” “Great.” “Who else?” “PY, YN, Lenny, BH…” “K. 12pm at PG7 Shuttle station.”
And there were times when everybody is waiting for everybody. YN used to say that. =>

The 2nd version of makan lunch with my cubemates is – “Wanna go with us?” “Where?” “Outside lar. Sick of canteen food.” “Ok. My car at Shinca, you drive.” “My car at roof top. Wei… yours leh? Dun wanna go Shinca lar. My car is hot.” “Ok lar I drive.”
Then, around 1.45pm – “Aiyo!! Full liao!” “Wanna go up and try?” “See car pool space still got vacancy or not..” “Wah… luckily come in or else must take shuttle from Shinca again.” “See… I told you.”

The PG2 lunch memories

Then, every Friday would be like holiday as most people are either too exited over the long break hours or no mood to work after lunch. Some interns actually went for a movie in the 2 hours break! Can you imagine that? Fully utilized… good time management yea. Well, I’ve been to Prawn Village, Tesco, Batu Maung, Taman Pekaka and Villa Emas for lunch. The Villa Emas one was planned on purpose – farewell lunch for Wen Hui & I. That was really a grand one, nearly the whole of Assembly Engineering attended. Hehehhe… you’d realize how popular am I in my department. Hmm… I’d always been very warm and friendly to people who doesn’t play a fool on me.

Peking duck for lunch at Taman Pekaka

One fine Saturday we went food hunting and celebrated birthday for YN. It was quite a memorable one as Naga and Lenny had to ‘give aero plane’ last minute before we departed. Schedule was then kelam-kabut as the one who was supposed to fetch me had to turn back to Intel for emergency on-call. Bad luck day too… for it’s been raining whole day long. Everyone was talking about the Beach Party on Friday and PG7 was so excited about that. We thought of going to the Beach Party for YN’s birthday but had to cancel since the rain was still pouring at 6pm. Those who were able to make it for the makan time really wondered how we could remain so enthusiast over our outing when the weather was so bad. Some more eating ais-kacang on a rainy day!!

The food hunting gang

Isaac dropped PY and me at Gurney Plaza after lunch and we were ‘forced’ to carry on with our ad-hoc plan – shopping for nearly 2 hours. We were then shopping like 柏芝 in the movie ‘女人购物狂’. But of course we were just trying on the clothes, nearly 10 pieces per try. Gosh… we must have been crazy. Then came this LATE KING YN around 4pm. The birthday boy must of course be the pay master for the cakes. Manila Place is quite fine if you’d like to hang out with friends and have some chat in the afternoon. Just look at the cakes… how many OSIM Uzap we need here???!!

Dinner time was spent with Naga, Lenny, Janet & Grace at the Northam Beach Café. I had German sausage for dinner as the word GERMAN sure attracts me. Haha… Just wonder why they didn’t name it Deutsche Würtze. After dinner we moved on to Starbucks for the preparation of SWAT exam on Tuesday. What a waste that I didn’t really have time to study the statistical analysis during my internship. The only things I really know is plotting control & distribution chart and analyze the capability of run using JMP. Sigh… I must find opportunity to learn that for the incoming days.

Chill Out was not happening at all. Only the beats went on, without hot chic. Maybe everyone had gone to the Beach Party at Bayview Resort. And YN left us big ‘aero plane’ again for his WC live screening. Arrgghhhh… I’ll remember that!! And oh yea, the one who was supposed to be the host for his house warming didn’t even stay home for that!!!??

July 3, 2006

The Production Floor Story

Running DOE was my major task and I’m starting to miss my “baby” – NGIHS. Too bad I can’t be there when you’re officially commenced for production run… Sigh… Luckily I have pictures of Asymtek & Grohmann for my album. =) Not too bad huh. I would salute to the MSes for being able to withstand the tiredness of standing 12 hours in the production floor!!! No kidding!!! I got backache, headache, foot ache, muscle cram… whatever you can state out after standing for almost 5 hours in the IHSA link. And I still can remember there was this day when I nearly fainted after inhaled too much IPA during carrier cleaning. Gosh… they are really wonderful!!! You see – NO MS = NO PRODUCTION = INTEL DIE

I believe that most girls hate to go into the production floor because –
1. You must wear SMOG
2. You must wear safety shoes
3. You must wear safety glass
4. You must pass through the security scan
and here comes THE MOST TROUBLESOME-- 5. You must tie your hair!!

I totally agree with No.5 because I am very concerned about bad hair days… You spent RM300 to get your hair rebonded or permed but it’s all GONE IN 5 MINUTES… Straight hair will get a wave somewhere around the middle of length and whoa… curly hair will make you look like Lion King after you release your bun. ~sob sob~

However I still like to go to the floor because you will see a lot of happening stuff there. You even get the chance to see screwed up people, people screwing people, you screw people, or… you get screwed by people. Fun yea… that’s the daily life of the production line. Sometimes when I’m stressed out, I’d sneaked to the Test area and sat on the floor behind SH2. No worries… that could be considered the cleanest area in the whole. Still... gotta thank Naga for touring me around the Test area. A token to you Naga!!

Here are some of my collection of photos. I really think that I look funny wearing the safety glasses... don't you?

JK Ong, Han Hsiung, me & Wen Hui at the Pico Rework area

Me in the 'aunty' specs

Princess' Day Off - the day I started my blog

8 weeks ago I had just finished exam and shifting house in KL... the very next few days later I flew off to Penang. Gosh... I didn't really prepare anything for Intel NEO. I was even late upon arrival for the first day of training. Embarrassing... ("_)

Intel... 8 weeks is certainly not a short period but not that long instead. The first few days of NEO were like centuries. Wen Hui & I used to yawn during the talks... We even did some 'stupid & childish' stuff to distract our sleepiness. But I am really glad to have her all along the way for my internship. You see, she'd become my 'chi mui' ever since then.

The following days were sort of nightmares… Why? Because there are always some people who are too free and have too much extra time to ‘dessert’ you with ‘surprises’. I nearly went for OPEN DOOR as advised by my colleagues. Really felt harassed when you received messages and IMs from ‘unidentified colleagues’. They know who you are, where you went, what color you wear on that particular day… Irritating yea? If you really want to get to know somebody, pleaseeee do it in a proper way. Or else the outcome will be quite ‘rewarding’. I should have send email to their managers for warning. Maybe I am too soft… Arrgghhhh!!!

Thereafter, I gained some ‘gladiators’ who had then become very good friends. “Guys… I am sure you know who you are. Just admit it. Especially N & L.” Hahaha… Good to hear compliments yea. Then, recently, the production floor becomes ‘predator’ floor. I hate staring from nowhere yet you can feel them like laser focusing on you. Seems like the aunty look of Princess Cheryl still cannot avoid from drawing people’s attention… I am too fair!!! Looks like I really need some sunburn. Sigh…

Wonder why I call myself Princess Cheryl? Guess…

Do you get yourself a *Bingo*? Yea, ‘somebody’ called me and since then I start addressing myself Princess in the IM & msn. I never even think of that before. Thank you for the name! Aha… it’s my copyright now.

“Princess” + “Cheryl” = “Princess Cheryl”

Isn’t it perfect? Hahhahahha… I like to pamper myself by feeling valued. *~wink wink~* Since then my status notes were like – “Princess goes to floor”; “Princess Cheryl-A za a za fighting!!!”; “Princess is freaked out…” blah blah blah…

Guess what. My “A za a za fighting” had actually drawn much attention from my colleagues and even my manager asked me what it is??!! Come on, get yourself a cheer. It’s so… so… I FEEL GOOD!!

Sweeties of Assembly Engineering

Snapped in my cubicle

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