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Yea I AM ONE!! Princess Abigail's 1st birthday

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I would just come to realize that this was suppose to be posted 5 months ago! Today my princess Abigail is exactly 17 months old. Wow... I mean WOW... Has she grown so fast???!!! Or have I grown so much older... It was like yesterday when she was still a small baby.

Her full moon

Now the term is TODDLER~ Very soon we're gonna have to pay a lot more for her flight tickets... No more traveling as an infant but as a kid.

Having the first birthday celebration for the first child is definitely a project for the mom. I bet a lot of you have gone through sleepless nights getting the preparation done. I was totally a walking zombie in Dec'14 when getting ready for Abigail's party... a full time working mom + breastfeeding mom + my mom at her final stage of cancer (that was really sad). Days were spent on rushing to work, rushing to hospital, and rushing for the party stuffs. And when I think back, I realize that I was crazy enough to even DIY most of the items!

I came out with the theme of "Safari Princess", where the party was filled with cute pastel color baby animals to accompany my girl the princess. She is one active girl who would not really fit into the normal princess theme, thus I added in the "safari" element.

These were all hand made DIY decorations. Thanks to my aunt, the best aunt on earth I would say, for helping me out with the arts and crafts. Stage deco done by the superb papa and Abigail's uncles on the spot!

And this was the awesome birthday cake made by JooSing from Cupcakes4you!! Highly recommended for those who stay in Penang. Yes it was my idea on the cake design and she made it into an actual cake.

And tadaa~ This is my handmade birthday hat for the princess! Who likes it give me a clap!~

Some snapshots of the birthday girl with friends and family. Thank you all for coming. :)

These photos below are the most precious photos of all time... Mommy we miss you.... We're really glad that you were still able to witness our little girl turning 1 year old.

And the presents... We spent an hour unwrapping them the next day at home.. Phew~

Love you to the max!!!

The mini me :)

Photo credits: LoveMomentsPhotography
Venue: Flamingo Hotel by the Beach, Penang


World Vision: Open up your world ~ 你看见我的天空吗?

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My sponsor kit has arrived!!

This is probably one of the great decisions I made this year - Sponsor A Child.

What does RM65/month mean to most of us today? Nothing... not even enough to pay for a 4pax family meal am I right? Or maybe a dress or your eye shadow palette? Hmm... 

As a parent, we surely understand the feeling of wanting the best for our children. We do not need a luxury lifestyle, but at least we make sure our children can live healthily without suffering from hunger, and also get appropriate education. 

Somehow poverty made this a struggle for many mothers and fathers. They barely make enough to get by each day. Imagine living in a family that suffers from hunger each day... Children who are suppose to go to school have to beg or work to support their families. I've seen it a lot through my travels... It saddened me so much.

Thus I have come to the decision to lend a helping hand through World Vision last week, at least I've deducted 1 out of the few thousands more children waiting to be sponsored. Latest update as of 26/05/2014 is 4249 children in the waiting list.

Why I chose Cambodia out of the SEA country list?

It was back in year 2009 when I visited Siem Reap. There were children everywhere earning a living for their families. Cambodia is so heavily contaminated with landmines as the aftermath Civil War in Cambodia. A high percentage of the population in Cambodia has been struck down by this mines and causing death and disabilities.

The National Level One Survey in Cambodia conducted in 2002 found that 20% (2776 out of 13908) of all villages in Cambodia are still contaminated by minefields and/or cluster bomb areas with reported adverse socio-economic impacts on the community. These adverse impacts included restrictions on access to agricultural landpasture land, forests, and water resources, with 102,778, 105,707, 172,878 and 84,588 families being affected respectively. A 2004 Cambodia Socio Economic Survey (CSES) noted that households headed by someone with one or more reported disabilities have significantly less wealth than other households. Furthermore, it has been estimated that households headed by a person disabled by war or landmines live in poverty at levels almost three times higher than if the disability was due to other causes.            ....source: Wikipedia 

The photos speak... This is only Siem Reap (so-called town), what about the rural areas?? I cannot imagine...

I am very thankful to be brought up in a loving family. So since my mom has left us to heaven (in March) I am going to help her spread her love to the children in need. She will be pleased I am sure.

If you have extra money to spend each week for an extra cup of coffee, why not give it to the family in need? Your action will change one's life.

For more information on World Vision, check out their pages:
World Vision Malaysia -
World Vision -


Best casinos to visit in Valencia

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Author: Larry Fielding

As the third biggest city in Spain, it’s no surprise than Valencia has plenty to offer its tourists. With a great cultural and historic background, as well having a thriving vacation trade, the city has attractions to keep all visitors busy. But one aspect of Valencia’s social background which is often overlooked is the casino scene, even though the city offers some fantastic gaming halls. One of the more affluent and prestigious casinos in the area is the Casino Cirsa Valencia. Although it was built in the recent modern era, the casino keeps the vintage gaming vibe truly alive with its great array of slot machines and tables for patrons to play on. If you are a fan of occasionally gaming online at sites such as, then the Cirsa Valencia is the perfect choice for you, as the casino offers tables for gamers of all levels of poker and blackjack.

Located on the Mediterranean coastline, Valencia is the perfect destination to soak up some sunshine as well as enjoying a great gaming experience. So the fact that some of the casinos are open until the early hours of the morning means you can enjoy the sun in the daytime and the casino floor through the night. Although it is one of Valencia’s smaller gaming establishments, the Gran Casino Monte Picayo offers gamer to chance to play until the break of dawn. One of the more common games on the European continent is punto banco and you can get a great experience playing this at one of the tables here. The casino has little variety in terms of the games it offers, but you can still play the classic such as the slot machines and poker.

Similar to the Monte Picayo, the Casino Mediterraneo Torrevieja is a small, low-key establishment, but offers gamers an earlier opening time than both the Picayo and Cirsa. The casino opens to gamers at 4pm and closes at 3am, so there is plenty of time to enjoy its fantastic gambling facilities. However if you are looking for a casino with a bit more on offer, the aptly named Casino Valencia would be best suited for you. Although it is not as large as the Cirsa, there are still 83 slots and tables ranging from American roulette to punto blanco, it is a great option for more casual gaming.

2 - Find the ultimate experience in travelling!

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Get Local: new website brings tourists in contact with locals!

Have you ever heard a tourist tell a story about his most memorable travel experience? It soon became clear to me, that the experience with the ‘most local’ touch has the upper hand. Apparently, in this age of many-to-many connections, booking a mass-organized tour is not the dream of a traveller anymore. People worldwide look for one-to-one connections. 

Locals can give a far more intense impression of a country than any guidebook or big tour operator. These days, there are more and more companies which are started in the spirit of ‘social sharing’ such as Airbnb or Couchsurfing. Recently, we found a new platform, called Withlocals. An organization which connects travelers and locals from all over the world, through food and experiences. Locals can offer tours, workshops and even home dinner experiences directly to tourists. gives you the opportunity to explore a city in a whole new way. You can book home dining experiences, activities and tours in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand. 

Win-win situation 

For the locals: They can earn some extra money in a creative and fun way by simply showing or teaching tourists their daily activities. Think about fruit carving in Bali, a lesson in Thailand’s National Sport Muaythai, or go for an authentic home dinner in Vietnam!

For the tourists: It is the ideal way to explore a culture up-close. You will discover non touristic places, of the beaten track! It seems like a cool project to try out ourselves sometime! Definitely worth to check out the site and see what kind of options there are to become a host or guest.

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宝岛亲子游 - 如何选择航空航线

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我们的第一次台湾游是搭亚航,原因是帮全家人买机票时我还没有怀孕(订票时大概有一年多前),所以没有法子只好add on infant。结果头痛来了。。。

从槟城到台湾没有直飞,所以必须从槟城飞到吉隆坡,然后再转机到台北。要知道亚航的转机不是拍拍屁股拿个handcarry行李就行的那种,而是把所有行李都从机舱搬下,然后再check-in的那种,而且航厦里的工作人员态度又差,单单搬动行李和跑进跑出arrival/departure就要累死了,还差点给check-in counter的人气死。大热天气还没上到飞往台湾的机舱都已经满身大汗了。*累*

航厦一点都不baby-friendly,虽然说在大马找不到decent的diaper changing room是很普遍的,但是起码机场也应该花点心思maintain一下,那个房间简直就像垃圾房,而且男性的外劳janitor整天进进出出(扫地倒垃圾需要这么多人这么frequent吗??),真的很反感。虽说有隔开一个小的哺乳房,但是却不能锁的!而且他们随时会推开那扇门,而且不止一次,一点安全感都没有!Diaper changing table也很脏,感觉上好像很多很多细菌那样,所以要记得自己铺上自己带来的垃圾袋或changing mat垫底,不然bb的头不知道会不会生疮。

Infant没有special priority!要bassinet吗?单程座位一趟加RM110。
Baby food?你就想啦!
Diaper on demand?发梦时再问空姐拿。
Priority check-in/seating?上机都乱七八糟没秩序,休想地勤人员会热心帮忙你。
空姐也很不专业,即将起飞了还要我提醒她们还没给我baby seat belt!

Stroller寄机舱?是的,你可以用到上机前最后一分钟,但是请看看以下照片亚航是如何handle stroller的。。卫生指数0,而且我的stroller到达台北时已经脏兮兮了,在经过4趟来回之后,污渍都洗不起了~ 而且想想看,这么样不卫生,真的会对皮肤敏感的bb造成麻烦的。。
所以奉劝你如果带stroller搭亚航,要记得带便宜的umbrella stroller,还有自备塑胶袋把stroller套起来。*无奈*


槟城-吉隆坡 单程RM50,来回RM100
吉隆坡-台北 单程RM125,来回RM250
吉隆坡-台北Bassinet需要拿hot seat 单程RM110,来回RM220 
而且我们还要分开坐,只有我一个人拿hot seat有什么意思,需要帮忙时旁边都没有人,所以我们决定不要bassinet了

槟城-香港(转机)-台北 单程RM218
高雄-香港(转机)-槟城 单程RM218
包括bassinet,baby meal,diaper,priority boarding(我们简直是VIP)
而且是multiple city,去时台北,回时高雄,可以来个双城游。











高雄-香港-槟城转机中,online check-in时本来已经没有bassinet的座位了,带着bb走到柜台通知国泰航空地勤员,他们二话不说就马上把之前auto assign的座位换掉了,把可以安置bassinet的前排座位换给我俩!


Check-in后,小妞正在享受她的机场欢乐时光 -- 看飞机起飞~


亲子游就是应该舒舒服服开开心心的,所以必要时我们真的不介意花多些钱买好的服务,那叫物有所值。亚航那趟回程才叫噩梦,飞机延迟起飞了,结果到达吉隆坡时我们来不及再次check-in行李回槟城!抱着bb跑到上气不接下气到了柜台,他们说不受理了,因为domestic flight是AirAsia,delay的是AirAsia X!看清楚哦,是有个X字的。

地勤人员:“行李是上不了飞机的了,要登机请便,如果要投诉请到AirAsia X柜台,我们这里是AirAsia的柜台,你向我投诉没用的,谢谢。” 



我抱着bb跑到登机门口时向他们理论,结果还被当值的马来男性地勤人员非常大声地喊道:“If you want to board the plane you shut up, if you do not want to board you get out now!!”






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